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Supporting Sport
December 9, 2014

Like RGK giving back by supporting the development of sport for athletes with a disability in the UK, 49 Bespoke Inc., has supported the...

Latest News


Supporting Sport
December 9, 2014

Like RGK giving back by supporting the development of sport for athletes with a disability in the UK, 49 Bespoke Inc., has supported the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA) Rugby Nationals and the Judy Zelman Award. We have annually supported Wheelchair Basketball Canada as well through National Championships and CWBL events including activities surrounding Man in Motion events over the years.

Canada has derived significant benefit from Rick Hansen over the years by way of his Foundation and leadership leveraging the $26 million raised during the original Man in Motion World Tour to more than $245 million in investments toward SCI research, rehabilitation and quality of life initiatives. Participating in sports draws people with disabilities into community and promotes emotional and physical health, while also encouraging communities to build accessible spaces and services for all to enjoy. All things that events like TO2015 aims to do with their cultural values highlighted under the five words of: JOY - COLLABORATION - ACCOUNTABILITY - RESULTS - PURPOSE .

Disabled Sport

Spinergy ZX 1
December 9, 2014

After bringing you the popular polyphenylene bensobisoxazole (PBO) fiber wheels, Spinergy is now marketing a revolutionary power add-on to your manual wheelchair offering lifestyle enhancing mobility! The ZX 1’s modern lightweight design is highly maneuverable, easy to operate and is packed with features allowing you to engage in more day-to-day activities with style. This rugged Compact and Lightweight unit has removable handle bars, is safe and secure with an anti-tilt mechanism, has a rigid lightweight compact frame made from TIG welded stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame. It is made to accommodate the needs of all users and once set up for your unit is able to be taken on or off by simply using the joystick.

Spinergy ZX

Varilite Icon
November 4, 2014

For many wheelchair users, a solid back system is essential for proper positioning. It supports the spine and positions the pelvis. Lateral supports of the back system keep the user stable.

The back system provides a mounting structure for headrests, thoracic supports, chest harnesses and hip belts. Pads, blocks or other positioning accessories that attach to the back help accommodate kyphosis, scoliosis, abnormal tone and other conditions.

Built with the user, caregiver, and technician in mind, the ICON™ Back System provides the best solution for those who demand fast installation, adjustment versatility, and simple operation. The ICON™ Back System offers a variety of back types and sizes, each with innovative VariLock hardware, plus a VARILITE® air-foam floatation cushion for superior comfort.


Kenda Kontestor
September 10, 2014

The Kenda Kontester at $40.00 Retail is a great quality, high pressure tire that comes in either red, blue or black. These tires were developed for sport by Kenda after several years of research.

Kenda KontestorDual rubber compounds provide a durable longer life for the tire, while thicker side walls and motorcycle type fabric construction gives much greater puncture protection from both sidewall impacts and tread incursions. Kenda developed this tire with Rugby players in mind, which makes it one of the best on the market for daily use! Another great product for every day wheelchair users from the sport community. For more contact 49 Bespoke at 1-866-827-4548 or visit



Believe. Live. Inspire.
May 19, 2014

The TIGA FX was unveiled at NAIDEX to the applause of many including long time RGK rider Sir Phillip Craven former wheelchair basketball star for Great Britain, and current President of the International Paralympic Committee. The TIGA FX is billed as the ultimate rigid daily use product built in a BESPOKE fashion with a folding front end, side guards, and back assembly without pivot plates making it easy to store in the overhead rack on flights. Gone are the days that keep you wondering whether or not your chair is going to be at the other end on that short or long haul flight!

TIGA FxThe TIGA FX is available in North America, but is not available for funding through programs like ADP in Ontario and AADL in Alberta at this stage. Delivery has been in the 10-week range, but with the introduction of the TIGA FX and other increased demand, they are currently working on a 13-week turn-around from receipt of the confirmed order to dispatch of the product.

RGK is one of the only truly BESPOKE manufacturers in the industry!

What's New at KI
November 21, 2013

“Welcome to the New Face of Ki Mobility”, is the first thing you see on the new web site! And then we see a multitude of new product and upgrades now available from the Stevens Point, Wisconsin, manufacturer.

ROGUE IS CRASH TESTED! Introducing a clean, aesthetic transit tie-down for the Rogue that passes WC-19. Integrated into the frame, the simple, curved front mounts provide safe attachment points while maintaining the sharp look you want from a chair in this class. Why settle for heavy bolt on brackets. Resist Conformity, Go Rogue!

Due to popular request, Ki Mobility is now including "Everything" you need to grow your Little Wave in with the XP version. In addition to what was already included we have added in replacement upholstery and footplates at no additional charge to you. Imagine a chair that grows with you... for FREE!

Ki Mobility’s measurement works on rigid and swing away frames and results in a better fit for the end user. The measurement is made by measuring from the seat plane straight down the hanger to where the footplate meets the down tube.

TIGA Chair
November 21, 2013

RGK’s recent new product launch ended up with name issue conflicts so it was re-launched as the TIGA. RGK is marking its 25th Anniversary with the introduction of a number of new products including the TIGA which is available in both an open frame and box frame in 7000 series aluminum. This product is not funded through approved product listings as yet in Canada, but the Hi-Lite and Maxima are available in Canada as ultra light open and box frames respectively.

The TIGA Standard features include the following:
TIGA wheelchair- Bespoke 7020 aluminum frame with a choice of colour accents (new to RGK)
- Adjustable height or integrated footrest
- Sun Fusion, sizes available: 22, 24, 25, 26”
- Aluminum centre castor wheels
- Adjustable or integrated camber bar
- Scissor or push to lock brakes
- Strap adjustable seat sling, Strap adjustable “Airtech” backrest upholstery and neoprene front frame protectors (new to RGK)
- Tool Kit Supplied

Optional extras include: anti-tip options, folding backrest, ergonomic seating, side guard and arm rest options, wheel, push rim, and castor upgrades.
TIGA combines the bespoke and personal values, which has defined RGK, with added technology, flair and style.


Comfort Feet
August 7, 2013

We have stock of the popular Wheel Comfort Padded Foot plate. They are designed to help protect bare feet, maintain foot angle and placement, and maintain balance. They attach securely to existing footplates, are easy to use and remove, lightweight, portable, durable, and Waterproof (closed cell foam). They are available in medium, large, and the small comes in two pieces as if attached to the foot rest of a chair with flip up foot rests. 

August 7, 2013

RGK marks its 25th Anniversary with the introduction of a number of new products including the VITA available in both an open frame and box frame. This product is not funded through any approved product listings as yet, but the Hi-Lite and Maxima are available in Canada as ultra light open and box frames respectively.

Vita means ‘Life’ in Latin, and that is how important RGK feels the right chair is for you. Vita combines the bespoke and personal values, which has defined RGK, with technology, flair and style.”

VITA WheelchairFrames: Bespoke 7020 aluminum frame with a choice of colour accents
Footrest: Adjustable height or integrated
Wheel: Sun Fusion, sizes available: 22, 24, 25, 26”
Castors: Aluminum centre castor wheels
Camber Bar: Adjustable or integrated
Locks: Scissor or push to lock
Upholstery: Strap adjustable seat sling, Strap adjustable “Airtech” backrest upholstery and neoprene front frame protectors
Tool kit: Supplied: Optional Extra's may include Anti-tip
Backrest: Folding
Seating: Ergonomic seating initially introduced and pioneered by RGK. Side guard and arm rest options are available along with all kinds of wheels, push rims, castors, etc.

All RGK chairs are designed, engineered, and built in-house; They have built to order over 17,000 single units since their inception in 1988!

Varilite Product Testing
June 18, 2013

We know you will be pleased with the quality, performance, and design of your VARILITE® product. VARILITE® systems offer unparalleled pressure relief, stability, and positioning support to enhance function and performance. At 49 Bespoke Inc., we would be pleased to offer sample product to pressure map or test against any product in the marketplace.

VARILITE® products are virtually maintenance free. To ensure optimal performance, VARILITE® suggests that you leave the valve open and allow your cushion or back to fully inflate overnight at least once a week to maintain foam integrity.

VARILITE® cushions and covers should be used in conjunction with one another. The cover is an essential part of the cushion by enhancing pressure distribution and promoting air circulation for healthy tissues. The cover serves to protect the cushion from punctures, burns, and being soiled.

In the rare circumstance where you have punctured the cushion or have broken the valve, they are able to be patched and valves may be replaced. These are stock items and available for immediate shipping. VARILITE® cushions have a two year limited warranty.

Varilite logo

Smart Drive Now Available
June 18, 2013

RGK has entered into an agreement with Max Mobility to market and promote the Smart Drive system, a powerassisted device that very simply clips onto the back of your chair. In Canada, the Smart Drive system is marketed and promoted by and the manufacturer’s site is: .

Check it out in our video player.

RGK Elite Units
September 17, 2012

Out of the 246 wheelchair basketball chairs at the London 2012 Paralympics about 56 or 21% were RGK Elite units. These units, along with all the other models may be viewed at  

Tabs for Kids
April 15, 2012

The late Jack Donohue used to collect tabs from pop cans, etc., and he would provide them to someone who ran a collection service and they would be used to build wheelchairs in a charitable sense. We get a call every couple months on this and looked into it a bit. Low and behold there is a place in Toronto here (along with a number of others) that provides this service and from the web site appears to be the perfect service with all the best philanthropic intentions in the world. The web site indicates that the proceeds are used to purchase wheelchairs and related equipment for children with a physical disability.

Robert Hampson’s tabs for kids have raised funds to purchase four wheelchairs, a lift for a wheelchair accessible van, a bathroom set-up and an adapted tricycle.Robert has successfully established a network of individuals and organizations that collect aluminum pop tabs all across Canada. Robert and friends collect pop tabs and take them to their local metal recycling depot. The depot pays by the pound for the aluminum. The funds are then sent to Robert who takes the money to President’s Choice Children’s Charity (charitable registration # 86842 1556 RR0001) and deposited into the Robert Hampson Tabs for Kids Fund. The President's Choice Charity administers the fund. See Robert’s web site at:

RGK's Elite
April 15, 2012

We have received some imagery for RGK’s new basketball chair. The Elite has been specially designed for use at the Paralympics Games in London 2012 and will be used by the entire Great Britain men’s and women’s teams in their quest for gold as well as many other top international athletes. The contest to win limited edition RGK merchandise is on until the official launch and you play on-line as many times as you wish at:

Elite Basketball Wheelchair

Kenda Catalogue
January 8, 2012

We have received the new catalogues for KENDA Tires and Tubes and we’re inserting those with new tire orders. We have a complete line of daily use, sport, off-road manual chair tires along with power products.

Newest tires include the Konstrictor K1051 which derives its name from the "Snake Skin" pattern on the side. It’s made out of the new R2C compound that blends the best attributes of traction, speed and durability. Serpentine Tread Pattern on the sides is for added grip while turning; Casing Added Protection (CAP), with 65% more puncture protection, makes it great on a wet surface... red, blue, green and yellow sidewalls.

The Kross Cyclo K161 is still our most popular winter tire in grey with red, blue, grey, or yellow sidewall in 37-540.

Wheelchairs Can Jump
November 28, 2011

Tip Thiboutot and Stan Labanowich have brought wheelchair basketball's rich, 65-plus-year history to life in their new book Wheelchairs Can Jump! From its humble beginnings at a California VA hospital to the World Championships in Birmingham, England, from Paralympic Games to World Championships, its history is relayed in vivid and descriptive detail.

The book is the first-of-its kind in the realm of wheelchair basketball. The volume contains color photos of some of the most exciting moments in the sport and features many of the superstars who have defined how the game is played. Discover the fascinating story of one of the most spectacular and dynamic movements in sports for athletes with disabilities, written by two men who dedicated their lives to the sport and witnessed the evolution of wheelchair basketball firsthand. More at Soft Cover: $24.95; Hard Cover: $29.95. Plus Shipping.

Big Chairs Hurt
September 6, 2011

A chair that is too big can have harmful effects on the end-user's health and well-being. Surfing the Internet you still see a lot of websites that encourage seat width to include a lateral measurement from the widest points on the end user in a sitting position, and then add 2 to 4 inches to accommodate potential growth, a winter coat, etc. No!


Listen to the people who are getting around in that unit every day; measure outside to outside of the widest point and build the unit. you can have whatever size you need.


It is harder to achieve pelvic stability in a chair that has an extra inch or two of width on either side of the end-user's body and that unit is harder to propel because of the angle that the end-user's arm is in, in relation to the wheel. That bigger chair takes up more room wherever the end-user goes and is less appealing aesthetically as it engulfs the end-user. So, for all the right physical and psychological reasons, please fit the chair to the size of the end-user for the health of it!
July 18, 2011

RGK Wheelchairs Ltd has introduced a new website which contains more information including details on products, staff, and RGKLife in general! They also have a new section called SEE, where you can look at various wheelchair videos.

Check it out at!

Go FreeWheel
June 28, 2011

Epical Solutions has brought the FreeWheel to Canada distributing out of Saskatchewan. They sell for $599 in Canada and 49 Bespoke has them in stock now.

Making a Move
June 28, 2011

49 Bespoke Inc. will be relocating operations to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in July, opening its new doors August 1, 2011. We are excited about the opportunity to double our space and reduce the work of having to move two things to ship out one. The downside of course is leaving our Ottawa home of more than two decades, a beautiful city with neighbors second to none. More details on our new location coming shortly.


On the recreation side of things, we have always felt that there is tremendous growth possibility for wheelchair basketball in the GTA and we look forward to putting some time and effort into resurrecting a team and doing what we can to help the growth of the game.

The Social Game
June 28, 2011

Stay connected with all the news, updates, scores, videos and photos from the 2011 Women’s U25 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships by following us on [Facebook], [Twitter], [Youtube]and [Flickr]. We encourage athletes, coaches, family, friends, fans and media to contribute to the official tournament twitter feed by using the tag #u25wwbc.