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Catamarans to the Base of the Falls

Accessible Niagara

Last summer I took a trip on one of the new Hornblower catamarans that take you to the base of the Canadian Falls and back. Beautiful boat. Holds 700 people. Quite a lineup but it moved fairly fast. Everything ramped and an elevator for some of it to get down to the dock. Ask for 2 plastic ponchos to cover yourself and your mobility device. Pull it down over the back of the seat so you don't sit in a puddle and over your basket or controls if you're in a scooter or elect...ric wheelchair. You will get wet. The view from down there is awesome. The thunder of the water incredible.

Fun Resources for Ottobock Kids

Ottobock Mobility

Resource for kids, parents and teachers. Ottobock Kids is your source for the latest parenting tips, delicious recipies and fun inclusive activities.

Colouring Pages

New Franchise Opportunities


As the newest automobile manufacturer in the United States, Mobility Ventures is proud to showcase its revolutionary MV-1 – the only American-made, purpose-built, universally accessible vehicle that has the ability to accommodate two wheelchair users.

Rebuilding Lives 70 honourABLE years!

For 70 years, SCI Ontario has been honourably serving people with spinal cord injuries by providing people support to reach their own goals.

Eat your way to a Healthy Heart

It's a hard fact to swallow, but those of us with reduced HDL (good cholesterol) levels combined with increased LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels, are at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It's critical to understand the role nutrition can play in controlling, preventing and treating cardiovascular disease (CVD); the leading cause of death for persons living with spinal cord injuries.

Kim's Story. A Bionic Pioneer.

Neurotech Network

Bringing a baby into the world is a moment many parents relish. It is a time when your life changes with the addition of a new baby. For Kim and, her husband, Sean, their life changes were intensified. After the birth of their second daughter, Kim’s vision began to rapidly deteriorate. At age 12, Kim was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa with a macular edema.  Sixteen years later, she was registered legally blind with 80% vision loss.

Winter Fashion Tips

Mobile Women

For those of you living in the colder climates, do you find yourselves avoiding invitations to go out at night because it's freezing? Recently, I was invited to a holiday party and I was secretly wishing it was an ugly sweater party so I could bundle up and it wouldn't matter how I looked!  There's nothing worse to me than going out into the dark and getting in a cold car to go somewhere. Often I'm even cold once I get to a restaurant or someone's home because they don't keep the temperature high enough for my liking.

For the First Time, Neural Centers in Spinal Cord Decoded

People generally think of the brain as the command center of the body, but there are mechanisms in the spinal cord that continue to work even if connection to the brain has been severed.

Toronto residents will be interested to know that now, for the first time, researchers have decoded those spinal cord mechanisms, and the discovery could lead to improved rehabilitation for spinal cord patients.

We're Listening

People in Motion

In speaking with you the question we have been asked over and over again is: “what are you going to do to advertise the show?” Our first step was to launch a brand new website. We are still populating it and as more information is available, you can be sure the website will be updated.

Mental Health Math

Ability Online

Although disability and mental health issues are still relatively stigmatized, society is slowly getting better. In terms of mental health, one way that stigma is being challenged is through large-scale campaigns. Special awareness days and events, fundraising and people (especially celebrities) sharing their stories go a long way toward starting to normalize mental illness. However, people with both a disability and a mental health issue are largely still missing from the conversation.