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Tips for Cruising with an Electric Scooter

Special Needs Group

Traveling can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience that should be stress free and enjoyable.  For a slow walker, someone with limited mobility or special needs, an electric scooter can make all the difference in the world.   Here are some helpful tips to for a smooth, glitch free journey, and a fun-filled one too.

Stress Free Travel

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Save the Date. 2nd Annual Open Water Swim

Variety Village

Come swimming! Variety Village is hosting its second annual Open Water Swim at Buttermilk Falls Resort on Boshkung Lake on September 6th with headliner & proud supporter Annaleise Carr - World record holder and 2012 World Open Water Swimming Association Woman of the Year. 

The Lingering Mental Issues Following a Bicycle Crash

Toronto is an incredibly bike-friendly city and there are numerous people who have traded four wheels in for two. There are, of course, numerous benefits to riding a bicycle, but riding a bicycle also comes with risks. Not only is there the risk of physical injury, such as a spinal cord injury, broken bones or abrasions, but there is also a risk of serious brain injuries, too. Even with a helmet, many cyclists are at risk of serious injury.

Give the Gift of Independence. Jakob's Chance

Ability Online

Our always smiley son Jakob is turning 3 in June 2014.  He’s longing for having as much fun as his siblings on a bike.  Sadly Jakob is unable to ride a bike without assistance. Jakob’s diagnosis of Spastic-Paraplegia limits his body movements and mobility to a great extent.  He has yet to learn how to sit, crawl, stand or walk.

Amputee OT's Lego Leg

Active Amputee

Amputee Christina Stephens has become a YouTube sensation with over 1.6 million views of her making a prosthetic leg out of Lego (click here for video) in the name of fun and a formidable attitude.

A Guide to Cruise Fun

Special Needs Group

Cruising is an ideal option for travelers seeking a mostly inclusive vacation, and a cruise can be a wonderful option for travelers who have Special Needs. Some of cruising’s biggest perks include the many on-board activities, events and amenities found on most cruise lines. We’ve outlined a few of the most common, on-board, entertainment options, as well as a few tips on how best to take advantage of them as a traveler with Special Needs.


Do you text when you drive? Here's a simple message "D.O.N.T!" June is Brain Injury Awareness month. Through a campaign launched today, the Ontario Brain Injury Association, along with affiliated community brain injury associations across Ontario, are encouraging Ontarians to become more aware of the potential for brain injuries due to motor vehicle crashes caused by distracted driving - including driving while texting or talking on a cell phone.

Endless Summer

Play to Podium

There's something quite special about summer. Especially for kids. Remember how slowly the days passed when you were a child? It took forever for summer to come. When it finally did, by late - July, summer seemed interminable.

New Apps for Amputees


OTWorld was recently held in Leipzig as the world's leading international trade fair for the entire industry. From May 13th to 16th, many new products that have yet to hit the market were on display for the world to see. For more

ABL Jeans with Unique Features

Mobile Women

ABL Denim recently received $250,000 through Mission Main Street Grants to further production and marketing of its line of premium adaptive jeans for men, women, and children.
“It was quite an honor to be selected as a grant recipient,” said Stephanie Alves, founder and owner of ABL Denim. “The grant has been received.