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Play On. Winter 2015 Programs

ParaSport Ontario

Winter fun! Athletics, Para Swimming, Boccia, Para Badminton, Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Curling will all be offered during the Winter 2015 programming of Play On! PARASPORT! The program is FREE for City of Toronto residents and open to all abilities and individuals living outside Toronto. Visit ParaSport Ontario for more information on dates and program locations!

To register visit Toronto Fun or call 416-338-4FUN

Accessibility in Canada

Mobile Women

We had such a great response to the story about Sarmistha Sinha, a wheelchair user in India, that we wanted to explore the lives of more women living internationally. This time, we meet Louise Sertsis in Canada. We expect that women living in developing countries like India, might face more challenges than someone living in the United States, but what about our friends to the north? Are there more challenges for women with disabilities there?

Holiday Shopping. Preventing Trips, Slips and Falls.

Property owners, including businesses, individuals and public institutions, have a responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe.

In one of our previous posts, we discussed how property owners can prevent outdoor falling injuries in the winter months. However, indoor hazards are also a concern, perhaps especially during winter when Ontario residents do their holiday shopping.

Accessible Caribbean Island

(posted by disabilityhorizons.com)  Cory Lee is a 24-year-old travel addict and wheelchair user. After being diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at a young age, he swore he would never let it stop him from seeing and exploring the world. Since then, he has traveled across 14 countries. Here, we talk to Cory about travelling to and around St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Born vs Becoming Disabled

Mobile Women

I was paralyzed in March of 2009. I was married, had 5 children, was pregnant with my 6th, helped my husband in the ministry and led a very active life. Then, I got sick. Really sick. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I went to bed hoping to sleep it off. When I woke up 24 hours later, I could not feel or move my body from my ribs down. My arms were very weak and heavy. Diagnosis... transverse myelitis.

A Celebration of Excellence

Glowing Hearts

The fifth installment in the Glowing Hearts book series carries on the tradition of marking the achievements of Canadians with disabilities as well as those who are making remarkable contributions on behalf of the disability community.

Glowing Hearts books are about trials and triumphs, inspiration and determination, and courage. They showcase the power of the human spirit with a penchant for celebrating differences and diversity within our communities.

My Biggest Challenge

Ability Online

Much of the time, I think I am fortunate. I don't let my Cerebral Palsy get to me and stop me from doing things. But lately I am really noticing that there are many challenges when I try to go out and meet people.

I am at home by myself a lot. I try to keep myself busy, but sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I retreat into my own thoughts and imaginations, which can be emotionally unhealthy.

Halloween Tips for Special Needs Families

Play to Podium

If your child has a disability, they are going to want to get dressed up and have some fun along with everyone else. Halloween can be a great opportunity for them to interact with their peers and partake in the Halloween activities. But for special need parents there are accessibility problems, special diets and safety issues.

Six tips to help your trick-or-treating go smoothly and keep parents from wanting to hide under the covers this Halloween.

Someone Who's Been There

Ability Online

Sometimes when I feel sad, I also feel alone. I convince myself that I am the only person in the world who feels the way I do. I may not know anyone else who has gone through the same situation that I went through. But even if the details of the situation are a bit different, I have realized that people do go through similar types of experiences and feelings.

One type of support is peer support. Peer support is support from someone who has gone through a similar experience or has similar life circumstances than you.

The Human Experience. Derek's Story

Neurotech Network

Derek is not one to passively wait for spontaneous recovery.  He works at  it.