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Therapeutic Riding Benefits Autistic Children

Two MSc occupational therapy students, Rebecca Baldwin and Megan Meekison, conducted a study through McMaster University in partnership with Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre in Ontario, to examine the experience of therapeutic riding for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from their parents’ perspective.

A Personal Account of the 2014 MV-1 Production Launch


Tuesday, March 11, marked a historic day for Mobility Ventures LLC and the disability community alike. Our team came together with AM General leadership, disability advocates, industry leaders and the media to celebrate the start of production on the 2014 MV-1.

The 11th Annual Tangled Arts Festival


Tangled Art + Disability
- formerly Abilities Arts Festival – is proud to present the 11th annual Tangled Arts Festival set for April and May. Over the course of two months, the festival will showcase exclusive productions from the most cutting-edge performing arts companies and artists from the disability community. From hip-hop music, to contemporary dance and avant-garde theatre productions, these performances will challenge, entertain and amaze audiences of all ages!

Nutrition for Healthy Bones

Bone health is important for every one as we get older and even more so for people with spinal cord injury (SCI). Following SCI a person can lose anywhere from 30-50% of their bone mass and this usually occurs below the level of injury in the weight bearing bones of the hips, thighs and shins. These weakened bones can make a person more susceptible to the development of osteoporosis and fractures.  The incidence of osteoporosis following SCI can be as high as 88%.

Mother-Daughter Daily Life Expose


Our Model was set to do an artsy, seductive and edgy shoot with a world class photographer in Los Angeles. But when she ran out of finances and time to get there from Chicago, we were lucky enough to find a replacement theme and photographer that made all our dreams come true. This shoot revealed that not only is Phylicia smoking hot and sultry, but she has a sweet, lovely and maternal side as the mommy of a very previous little “mini me” angel Mianna.

Sunset Father and Son Shoot Delivers


Jen Serena is a "dream come true" photographer... a woman who is a strong, decisive visionary who gave us an opportunity to create a set of images that are rare and important. She has high expectations, and knows what she wants… so when shooting with her... just follow her lead. But if you model for her, don’t flake... because like all professional photographers, she requires dependability. She invests a lot into her team, her time, equipment and her talent to ensure a successful shoot.

Spring Into Action

Mobile Women

With spring fast approaching (we hope!), it's time to wake up our bodies after a long, grueling winter. Many of us crawled under our warm and fuzzy blankets, munching on comfort food andbinge-watching our favorite series on Netflix to make it through this year's record-breaking snow storms.

The Faces of Disability

Active Living

When you hear the word – disability – what faces do you picture? What are they doing? Are they young or old, sedentary or active, struggling or laughing? Actually, there is no proper definition for disability. Disabilities are something that affects over 20 million families in the United States. It is all around us.

A Week in a Life

Wheelstrong Sports

I’m SO excited to get started on a weekly series for WHEELSTRONG SPORTS on “A Week in a Life”. We are starting this blog series for many reasons:

•To help new injuries or someone new to being in a chair.
•To share tips and tricks.
•To shed awareness on how “normal” a life we wheelies really do live, just maybe differently.
•If it can help, motivate or inspire anyone to live a better life I think our goal will be accomplished.

Importance of Hydration

It is no surprise that you need to stay well hydrated when engaging in physical activities, sports or when working out. Maintaining proper hydration levels is extremely important not just for maximizing performance and recovery, but for sustaining your health and even safety. This is particularly important for someone who has a spinal cord injury (SCI) because of compromised sweating function and poor temperature regulation. If you or your clients are not consuming adequate amounts of fluid the following problems can arise: