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Remembering Big Ben

Twenty years ago, the most famous show jumper in Canadian history officially retired. His name was Big Ben and he won the hearts of fans around the world. His career was stellar, although sadly an Olympic medal eluded him. Those of us involved in therapeutic riding have particular reason to be grateful to him. Thanks to his partner, Ian Millar (who has been an honorary director of CanTRA for many years), fifty percent of the funds from Big Ben’s cross-Canada Retirement Tour in 1994 were donated to CanTRA. Ian, Big Ben, and a special needs child also made a promotional video for us.

Mighty Minis

Size isn’t everything. Or perhaps it is! Miniature Horses (Minis) are joining their larger equine friends as therapy horses, and some programs are breaking the trail in this comparatively new area of human-equine bonding. Half-Pint Hooves Equine Facilitated Wellness Association near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, makes good use of the adaptability of these tiny horses. Executive Director and instructor Deb Burt sees many benefits for her clients.

How Do You... Adapt When You Travel

Mobile Women

We starting a new series at mobileWOMEN.org! We have a leadership team of experienced women chair users who want to pass on some of our wisdom that we’ve gained over the years about how to successfully live life from our chairs. Maybe you’re new to using a chair and wonder just how it’s truly possible to do the things that you once enjoyed. Or maybe you’re a longtime chair user.

Lucky Wheeling Soul

Mobile Women
I sat with God before I arrived
Requesting abilities until age twenty-five
A planned accident put me in a chair
Some would say with a life so
I chose this life because I had to learn
And I know after there is no hell to burn

You’ve got to know when it’s time to grow
When to hang on and when to let go
For I am light and so are you
Together there is nothing that two can’t do
It’s just different for wheelers
We have the same souls
Instead of walking we get to roll

For we each have a talent and gifts to share
Don’t get caught up in what is or isn’t fair

Tips for Going Back to School

Ability Online

After a summer off, going back to school can be a shift. It is perfectly normal to feel some anxiety because of all the new things ahead - new teachers, new classmates, new tasks and new challenges. Here are some tips to help you get back in the groove:

Back to School

Parenting with a Disability: Overcoming Society's Expectations with Love and Confidence

Mobile Women

Being a mom is a challenging role for anyone. Add having a disability to the mix and the adventure has just begun. Getting to know how your limitations are going to affect your ability to parent and finding out what's available to help you get the job done combined are like solving a puzzle. Then once the baby arrives, you have to get adjusted to him or her at each stage of life, all the while finding ways to meet the everyday challenges of parenting. 

Building Positive Experiences

Ability Online

By doing things that we enjoy and being around people who we love, we are building positive experiences. This can help you take your mind off negative experiences and emotions. It is not a means of ignoring the negative (it is important to deal with negative things when it is appropriate), but positive experiences will reduce stress and boost positive emotions. When you are feeling down, you can remember and think about the good times instead of your problems. There are two types of positive experiences: short-term and long-term.

Celebrating the ADA and Increased Accessibility


Summer time in the disability community is always a time to celebrate how far we’ve come in our journey towards equality. July 26, 2014 marks twenty-four years since the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and while there is still much more to be improved, we, as a nation, have made some real progress that has impacted the lives of many.

Tips for Cruising with an Electric Scooter

Special Needs Group

Traveling can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience that should be stress free and enjoyable.  For a slow walker, someone with limited mobility or special needs, an electric scooter can make all the difference in the world.   Here are some helpful tips to for a smooth, glitch free journey, and a fun-filled one too.

Stress Free Travel

Book in Advance

Save the Date. 2nd Annual Open Water Swim

Variety Village

Come swimming! Variety Village is hosting its second annual Open Water Swim at Buttermilk Falls Resort on Boshkung Lake on September 6th with headliner & proud supporter Annaleise Carr - World record holder and 2012 World Open Water Swimming Association Woman of the Year.