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Changing Perceptions


Normalizing ‪disability‬ via greater inclusion and repetition in ‪advertising‬ and media, may be the answer to the desire of those who want to be seen as equal but different, accomplished and talented – not “inspirations.” Can imagery depicting real life scenarios play a role in getting the public to be more accepting and comfortable with those who they cannot personally relate to? Can this exposure help consumers to be less awestruck, fearful, or nervous with those who are seen as different?

In the Swing of Things. Wheelchair Tennis

Active Living

Wheelchair tennis is open to athletes who have permanent substantial loss of function in one or both legs. While the sport of able-bodied tennis dates back to the late 19th century in the United Kingdom, wheelchair tennis’ roots are 1976 America. Brad Parks, a man recovering from a skiing accident, invented the sport in the USA in 1976 when he first hit a tennis ball from a wheelchair and realized the potential of this new sport. Wheelchair tennis first appeared on the Paralympic program at the Seoul 1988 Games.

How it Works

Camp Counsel

Play to Podium

Summer camps, in all their glory, can be scary for some kids too. Most so, in the days leading up to the great adventure. Maybe even more so for kids with disabilities. That was me. And decades later, I still remember the anxiety - fear of the unknown. How will the other kids react to my artificial arms,  what I look like, what I’ll be capable of doing?

The Quick and Dirty on Disability Word Choices

SCI Ontario wants to raise awareness about people living with spinal cord injuries in Ontario. We want people to understand what it means when a person’s life changes in an instant – how easily it can happen. We want people to be aware of disability issues so their actions may be influenced.

We encourage the media to contact us to reach people who will speak about living with a spinal cord injury and about the issues facing peope with spinal cord injuries.

Dawn's Story. A Bionic Pioneer

Neurotech Network

It was the final straw. While on a visit to Chicago with her 3 youngest children ages 5, 7 and 9, Dawn tripped on a cross walk on busy Michigan Avenue. This time she couldn’t catch herself. She fell in the middle of the street and was bleeding with 3 young children looking down at her. ‘It just isn’t fair,’ she thought. That was the final straw when the progress of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was interfering with her life as a mother.

What's In The Budget? Massive Cuts For Accident Benefits

This week the Ontario government will be busy telling the Ontario electorate how much they can save on their auto insurance by installing winter tires - what they will not be telling you about is what will happen to you if you get in accident while driving along on your cost saving winter tires.

The 2015 Ontario budget introduced this week contains measures that will further strip away at the benefits available to accident victims. There are proposed changes to both the accident benefits and the tort system.

Nutrition: Healthy Weight Gain

The majority of people with SCI (60%) are overweight and often struggling with ways to rid themselves of their added pounds. However, we recently had an email from a consumer asking us for healthy ways to gain weight. He, like many other underweight individuals with SCI, struggles with trying to pack the pounds on.

While this might not seem like such a dreadful problem to have, being too thin with a SCI has some serious health risks; namely pressure sores. People with SCI who are underweight have twice the risk of developing pressure sores than those who are of ideal weight.

Disabilty and Humor in a Whole New Light

Mobile Women

Shannon DeVido is shaking up the world of comedy and proving that humor can come in the form of a strong, funny and intelligent woman who just happens to use a wheelchair as she entertains. elow is her story and I promise, you will come away rolling with laughter.

Shannon Devido

I’m curious to what led you to become a comedian? What do you tend to talk most about when you perform?

Why Good Customer Service is Important

Ability Online

The other day I remembered the importance of good customer service. I was shopping with my aunt for clothes. One store we went into had excellent customer service from the moment we walked in until we walked out.

The Other Side of Overprotection

Ability Online

One of the common beliefs about people with disabilities is that we are vulnerable and need protection. This is partly true. We are more vulnerable in certain situations. However,  protecting someone too much can further disable them.