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The Honourable David Onley

Inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame as an Achiever, David Onley was one of Canada’s first newscasters with a visible disability and a prominent face on television. As the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, His Honour championed accessibility issues, to enable those with disabilities to achieve their full potential.

What's in a Name?

Mobile Women

I’ve always been someone who thinks that words matter. How you refer to someone or something isn’t just hollow of meaning; it conveys how you think about what you're speaking about, and, conversely, it can influence who you’re talking to about your subject matter. For this reason, the now commonly used people-first language comes naturally to me, emphasizing the person rather than the disability. In my life, I’ve seen a positive change in the way people think about others with disabilities by learning to focus on the person rather than the disability.

Spotlight on Ecuador

Special Needs Group

Ecuador is a truly magical place.  It is located only 4 hours from Miami, on the northwest corner of South America, situated between Peru and Colombia.  From the beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast to the tropical jungle of the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador is place like no other.  Enjoy the stunning scenery while traveling through the Andes to see one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi Volcano.  Go island hopping through the Galapagos Islands to get both an educational and wildlife filled adventure.  Ecuador is so diverse you will truly ex

Unstoppable: The Cheryl Angelelli Story

Mobile Women

Paralympic medal winner, World Record holder, and Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame inductee, are just a few of Cheryl Angelelli’s accomplishments after a tragic accident in a swimming pool in 1983 left her a quadriplegic. At the time, some may have thought a promising athletic career was cut short. For Cheryl, it was just beginning.

Cheryl began competitive swimming when she was eight years old and always dreamed of going to the Olympics someday -- but fate would intervene. On February 4, 1983, Cheryl walked into swim practice one night and never walked out.

Vote Now!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have been practicing Personal Injury Litigation for the past 53 years at the highest level. Currently, Canadian Lawyer Magazine is conducting a survey to determine the 2015 Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firms in Canada. I am very pleased to announce that our firm has once again been nominated in this category. We were honoured in the Top 10 last year, and hope you’ll help be recognized as a Top 10 firm again this year.

MV-1 School Bus


Here's another example of the MV-1 providing unrivaled accessibility and mobility freedom! We visited the Dike-New Hartford Community Schools and met this beautiful young lady. Because the MV-1 was recently approved as a school bus by the Iowa Board of Education, Tessa can now, for the first time ever, ride her power wheelchair to school! Thanks to MV-1 of Iowa for your hard work!

American River Queen Review

Easy Access Travel

Is this the cruise for a person with disabilities?  Like every other vacation choice, we must look at each perspective participant on an individual basis and decide if this is the right choice for them.

Kirsy's Makeup Journey and Adaptable Makeup Tutorial

Mobile Women

Ever since I was little girl I've always liked makeup, something about it always caught my eye. I remember when I was around five years old I used to get into my mother's makeup bag and pullout one of her lipsticks to put it on. Actually, it was more like slathering it on since not just my lips got some of the lipstick action. Then when I was in junior high school I remember sneaking out one of her lipsticks and hiding it under the cushion of my wheelchair and putting it on right before arriving to school on the yellow bus. I know, I was such a little rebel.

Catamarans to the Base of the Falls

Accessible Niagara

Last summer I took a trip on one of the new Hornblower catamarans that take you to the base of the Canadian Falls and back. Beautiful boat. Holds 700 people. Quite a lineup but it moved fairly fast. Everything ramped and an elevator for some of it to get down to the dock. Ask for 2 plastic ponchos to cover yourself and your mobility device. Pull it down over the back of the seat so you don't sit in a puddle and over your basket or controls if you're in a scooter or elect...ric wheelchair. You will get wet. The view from down there is awesome. The thunder of the water incredible.

Fun Resources for Ottobock Kids

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Resource for kids, parents and teachers. Ottobock Kids is your source for the latest parenting tips, delicious recipies and fun inclusive activities.

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