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Halloween Tips for Special Needs Families

Play to Podium

If your child has a disability, they are going to want to get dressed up and have some fun along with everyone else. Halloween can be a great opportunity for them to interact with their peers and partake in the Halloween activities. But for special need parents there are accessibility problems, special diets and safety issues.

Six tips to help your trick-or-treating go smoothly and keep parents from wanting to hide under the covers this Halloween.

Someone Who's Been There

Ability Online

Sometimes when I feel sad, I also feel alone. I convince myself that I am the only person in the world who feels the way I do. I may not know anyone else who has gone through the same situation that I went through. But even if the details of the situation are a bit different, I have realized that people do go through similar types of experiences and feelings.

One type of support is peer support. Peer support is support from someone who has gone through a similar experience or has similar life circumstances than you.

The Human Experience. Derek's Story

Neurotech Network

Derek is not one to passively wait for spontaneous recovery.  He works at  it.

Cost Comparison


Recent Feedback received: "The cost is too high to use your stock photos."

Group Travel... Is This For You?

Easy Access Travel

In all honesty, it took me a long time until I was ready to invite clients to join a group trip whether cruise or land. As a disabled traveler, I wasn't sure that others with mobility disabilities would enjoy traveling with a large group of people using wheelchairs or scooters. Boy, was I wrong! It was the encouragement of my clients and peers who convinced me to undertake this task.

What I Want To Do With My Life

Ability Online

This past year I have been asking myself that question a lot. I have felt so scatterbrained about the issue. I didn't understand why I felt that way because I have two diplomas: one in Print Journalism and the other in Social Service Work. I am volunteering with Ability Online, which I really enjoy. However, I felt like I needed something more of my own career that I could fully commit myself to.

Miracle Monday - Help by Hashtag


It's as simple as it sounds. #MiracleMonday

It came from a series of discussions about fundraising and sustainability for programs, how to be creative without being hokey, how to combat donor fatigue, how to balance and illustrate the reality of needs with the dignity of those who need help, and a whole host of other issues and topics that affect people who raise money, awareness and run events.

#MiracleMonday came from that.

The aim is to promote and raise funds for smaller projects and provide them with immediate, meaningful help.

HP 101 Revisited

49 Bespoke

Since Ian Denison has had quite a bit of experience and published many articles on tire pressure, rolling resistance, etc., we take this opportunity to republish the article on High Pressure 101. Like Alan before her, Nikki has had her share of putting wheels together and in particular, changing tires. She has provided her version of changing tires 101.

What is True Beauty?

Mobile Women

As a woman who lives with a disability, I know the stigma that I face in a culture that values a perfect body, particularly among women. My body may not arouse “babe’ fantasies in the eyes of some when I wheel past them. This is something I have struggled and lived with so much of my life and making peace with my body has been a challenge for me like no other.

Remembering Big Ben

Twenty years ago, the most famous show jumper in Canadian history officially retired. His name was Big Ben and he won the hearts of fans around the world. His career was stellar, although sadly an Olympic medal eluded him. Those of us involved in therapeutic riding have particular reason to be grateful to him. Thanks to his partner, Ian Millar (who has been an honorary director of CanTRA for many years), fifty percent of the funds from Big Ben’s cross-Canada Retirement Tour in 1994 were donated to CanTRA. Ian, Big Ben, and a special needs child also made a promotional video for us.