When a group of like-minded folks get together in business in the same company great things tend to happen. When they get together with others in the supply chain, profitability and other aspects of product delivery are refined. When they are with folks prescribing and delivering the products the relationships may become entwined with the need for increased sales.

In this industry, there are a number of interpersonal relationships that on the surface may appear to be conflicting when you have manufacturer representatives, prescribing authorities, funding agents, care givers, dealers, distributors, etc., living with each other and/or sharing intimate moments. These products that we are working with have a seductive appeal, bringing people together.

All to say, from an end-user perspective, you have to be aware of the interest the professionals have in meeting your needs and understand that at the end of the day you have a responsibility to become your best resource so that you can filter out the information and find out what is going to best meet your needs!

Reg McClellan, President

49 Bespoke