Relationship Building

A friend and business owner was in the other day and I am not sure if I should use Bill’s name or not; we started talking about business ethics and where we picked up our respective approach to what it is we do. He explained that his dad started the business he currently owns, was a lawyer and had a clear understanding that there were two types of management styles in business – rape and pillage, and relationship building.

As I look around the businesses that I am aware of in this industry the differences are obvious. We are very aware of the corporate culture we see in different groups, in independent stores, manufacturers, etc. It is getting harder and harder to find ones that are talking about performance in service. Instead, more and more are talking "Margins Matter" and "Sell them something they don't know they need yet"! The number of companies racing to the bottom on pricing and trying to stay ahead of the reimbursement codes rather than being concerned about the quality of the product and who is actually using it is astounding. Most trade shows in Canada continue to be for people who do not use the products but prescribe and sell them!

Bill is trucking along doing the best job and for the folks he is working with and gets more satisfaction out of nailing the perfect fit for someone over making sure he has checked off all the allowable up-charge boxes before the needs assessment is completed.

It really is all about relationship building and doing the best job possible for the end-user. Hopefully, it will be appreciated and remembered the next time service is needed or a new product is purchased. Bill's business, like ours, is all about relationship building; it is sustainable. The people for whom you are providing services understand that you are working for them and they offer their trust; they tend to come back versus feeling that they were shortchanged and go elsewhere. Lower margins for life-customers is a whole lot better in the long-term than higher margins for one-off customers! This industry needs more “Bills” in it.

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