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The TIGA FX was unveiled at NAIDEX to the applause of many including long time RGK rider Sir Phillip Craven former wheelchair basketball star for Great Britain, and current President of the International Paralympic Committee. The

TIGA FX is billed as the ultimate rigid daily use product built in a BESPOKE fashion with a folding front end, side guards, and back assembly without pivot plates making it easy to store in the overhead rack on flights. Gone are the days that keep you wondering whether or not your chair is going to be at the other end on that short or long haul flight!

The TIGA FX is available in North America, but is not available for funding through programs like ADP in Ontario and AADL in Alberta at this stage. Delivery has been in the 10-week range, but with the introduction of the TIGA FX and other increased demand, they are currently working on a 13-week turn-around from receipt of the confirmed order to dispatch of the product.

RGK is one of the only truly BESPOKE manufacturers in the industry!

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