Amputee OT's Lego Leg

Amputee Christina Stephens has become a YouTube sensation with over 1.6 million views of her making a prosthetic leg out of Lego (click here for video) in the name of fun and a formidable attitude.

She’s made a series of videos about life as an amputee staring with the day after her amputation. Her YouTube channel has dozens of clips of her learning to live without part of her leg and mastering the use of her new prosthetic. She also has a Facebook page.

Stephens, a practicing occupational therapist, clinical researcher and peer educator, was working on her car in mid-January when its supports gave way and the car crushed her foot. In one video, she explains why she chose to have her lower leg removed instead of trying to salvage it.

Most of her videos are fun, because that’s the approach she decided to take. From Mirror Therapy to S#!t People Say to Amputees, Stephens serves up a great resource for new and seasoned amputees alike.

Tags: prosthetics