OSSUR Running and Mobility Clinic

Presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation,  join world-renowned experts in lower limb amputee mobility — Bob Gailey, PhD, PT and Peter Harsch, CP — for a truly unique experience. Improve your overall mobility while connecting with other amputees, including Össur and CAF mentors. A running prosthetic isn't necessary to participate. All ages and abilities are welcome and there's no cost to attend.

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What's New at TRS

Watch for the new Mountain Master mountain bike adapter, the evolving Flex Sky Hook rock climbing TD and the Multi-D TD (Multi-Duty & Multi-Diameter Terminal Device) perfect for rowing with oars and all sorts of cylindrical handles on tools and sports gear.

TRS is the world leader in innovative prosthetic sports and recreation adapters for upper-extremity amputees. Whether you are challenged by bicycling, swimming, archery, golf, kayaking, hockey, baseball, or weight lifting TRS has an adaptive solution for you. TRS introduces new products continually so check their website (www.trsprosthetics.com).

Strutting Their Stuff For Limb Loss Awareness

By Kat Kinsman (CNN) -- Peggy Chenoweth woke up angry the first time she dreamed of herself as an amputee. She'd found a certain measure of comfort in late-night reunions with her two-legged self, but for the first time since her surgery, the reality of her altered body seeped into her sleeping hours.

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Armed and Ready

Kevin Michael Connolly is an author, photographer and thrill seeker who, despite being born without legs, has a knack for pushing the limits.

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My Really Cool Legs

The documentary film My Really Cool Legs! by Aspire Film Productions, starring several of A Step Ahead’s pediatric patients, won best documentary film at the recent Long Island International Film Festival.

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Medical Marvels

Brendan Marrocco, 26, of Staten Island is a former soldier became a quadruple amputee after an explosion in Iraq three years ago. He has undergone a rare double arm transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, the hospital said Monday.

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Soldiers Leg in War Museum

The prosthetic leg of a soldier wounded in Afghanistan has become a part of Canadian military history, immortalized on a canvas purchased by the Canadian War Museum. Ottawa artist Bruce Stewart painted this picture of Canadian Sgt. Bjarne Nielsen's prosthetic leg, and the Canadian War Museum has purchased it.(Courtesy Bruce Stewart.)

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Power Walker

The Power Foot BiOM is more than just an “upgrade” in prosthetic technology. It will allow an amputee to walk further and faster with less effort over all terrain types, while reducing muscle pain and fatigue.

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Double Take

Kevin Connolly was born in Helena, Montana in 1985, without legs. Otherwise a healthy baby, he grew up like any other Montana kid; getting dirty, running in the woods, and getting dirty some more.

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Breaking Records

Awesome News! Oscar Pistorius is going to the Olympics. Oscar Pistorius has been selected to run in both the individual 400 metres and the 4×400-metre relay at the London Olympics and is set to become the first amputee track athlete to compete at the Olympic games.

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Possible Redefined

On June 19th Canadian motivational speaker and double amputee, Spencer West completed an amazing challenge by climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa to raise money for charity.

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