The Faces of Disability

When you hear the word – disability – what faces do you picture? What are they doing? Are they young or old, sedentary or active, struggling or laughing? Actually, there is no proper definition for disability. Disabilities are something that affects over 20 million families in the United States. It is all around us.

Disabilities are so prevalent that they are part of our societal norm and we don’t even think about it. Active smiling faces can represent anyone we know. Which face has cerebral palsy? Which has muscular dystrophy, or multiple sclerosis? Which one has a spinal cord injury or Asperger’s?

No matter how you look at it, people with disabilities constitute the largest minority group in the United States. It is the only group that every one of us can become a member of at any time. What does this mean for diversity, housing, technology, employment and healthcare? What does it mean for the economy, when disabilities control over $1 trillion of annual income?

It means that education is valuable and available for everyone. It means that exercise and sports are activities that everyone can enjoy.

People with Disabilities
It means that jobs and careers of all kinds are possible and desirable for a wide variety of people. It also means that family life is important to the healthy lifestyle. Also, modern healthcare enhances the value of everyone’s life.

Look around you. What faces do you see? It’s reassuring to know that we are all looking for similar lifestyle goals. 

Person with Disability