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  • Information and inspiration for amputees on the move. The latest and greatest lifestyle content in sports, recreation, health, fitness, leisure, prosthetic technology and much more.
  • All about discovering people who embrace their special gifts to live life to its fullest. It’s about sharing stories and connecting you with others who will inspire you to find your talents and your disability as a strength.
  • The creation of women in wheelchairs who were having difficulty finding answers to their questions about health, fashion, and other topics. Issues of interest that enable women to learn and share from one another.
  • The People in Motion Show is the only show of its kind where consumers with disabilities can explore products and services designed specifically for them. Products, educational seminars, services, entertainment and sports demonstrations.
  • I am Unlimbited. But you can call me Kim. I have opinions, unconventional ones to some. Not to me. It’s other people’s attitudes that are my biggest obstacle. Check out my questionable advice.

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