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  • Looking for an accessible place to holiday, wine and dine, gardens to explore, an anniversary or honeymoon to celebrate, there’s much to do in Niagara Falls for electric scooter and wheelchair users.
  • Love to travel? So does Easy Access Travel owner Debra Kerper, a traveler with a disability herself. She specializes in Cruise Vacations and Packaged Land Tours that meet the needs of mature travelers and those with disabilities.
  • An accessible tour rep, providing transportation and wheelchair rentals, and lists hotel, restaurant and attraction accessibility levels.
  • For travelers with disabilities the world is becoming a more accessible place. New organizations and opportunities for inclusive travel can take you places you might never imagined.
  • Whether a seasoned traveler or new to accessible travel, you know that “accessible” means different things to different people. SATH can be your travel guide with great travel tips, planning points and accessible destinations.
  • Dedicated to fulfilling the special needs requirements for persons who want to travel but may need mobility aides, oxygen or other equipment. We make travel easy, comfortable and accessible.
  • Make your Orlando-area vacation “A Walk in the Park!” Suntastic Tours is the only Personal VIP Concierge Service of its kind, custom-designing every day to your family’s specific needs. Specializong in special needs services.
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