Mother and Child

“My strength and my willpower come from my mom. Everything I learned about standing up for myself comes from her. She's a rock. She is my inspiration. She is why I am who I am." - Shayne Smith

With each new issue of Play to Podium magazine comes another moving story about a mom. Except for this issue. Meet Emerson Donnell, a dad, with a remarkable story about how he found a way to connect with his autistic son.

And look to upcoming issues to meet other fathers with stories to share about their special needs family.

But to celebrate moms this Mother’s Day, we are delivering a very special “passion project.”

Inspired by the overwhelming response from parents to the first two books in our Glowing Hearts series, book number three departs from our "for kids" format to serve up an inspiring resource for moms (and dads) raising a child with a disability.

In Glowing Hearts III... Mother & Child, our featured moms share triumphs, trials and tribulations, joys, fears, hopes and dreams. “Our” moms, like all moms, celebrate accomplishments and relish in their child’s smiles. But with a constant eye kept to the next challenge awaiting them, they are inclined to cherish small victories. Some say that their families are closer for it.

Each story is different, but what this group agrees on is this: “We have learned the most from the families who've gone before us.”

Quotes of Note from Glowing Hearts III... Mother & Child

“Treat your child differently, and they will be different."

“There is a maternal instinct to be overprotective. The tendency is greater when you have a child with a disability. But you have to let them fall down and pick themselves up. They know you're there for them. But someday we won't be. Let them go."

Glowing Hearts III... Mother & Child will be released in May, on Mother’s Day 2012.

Jeff Tiessen, Publisher

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