The Science of Sport

The Strength and Flexibility of Oscar Pistorius:

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius is the first double-amputee athlete to compete at the Olympics. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Pistorius will race in the 400 meter race and 4x400 meter relay using a pair of carbon fiber prosthetic legs engineered to store and release energy from the impact of his strides.

"Science of the Summer Olympics" in partnership with the National Science Foundation video explains how Oscar's Flex Foot works and whether they give him any advantage on the oval.

Watch it here.

Engineering for Mobility:

At the 2012 Summer Paralympics, elite athletes with disabilities will rely on strength, speed and skill as they go for the gold in 21 different sporting events. Rory Cooper, a biomechanical engineer at the University of Pittsburgh, demonstrates how engineering can help wheelchair athletes maximize their performance in such diverse sports as wheelchair rugby, basketball and racing.

To learn more about the biomechanics of wheelchairs in sports see the "Science of the Summer Olympics" video here.