A Celebration of Excellence

The fifth installment in the Glowing Hearts book series carries on the tradition of marking the achievements of Canadians with disabilities as well as those who are making remarkable contributions on behalf of the disability community.

Glowing Hearts books are about trials and triumphs, inspiration and determination, and courage. They showcase the power of the human spirit with a penchant for celebrating differences and diversity within our communities.

The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP) embodies each one of those tenets. The CFPDP story - from enduring projects to extraordinary milestones in its 30 Great Valentine Galas and 20th Inductee Ceremony for its flagship Canadian Disability Hall of Fame - makes for a compelling and incomparable fifth edition of Glowing Hearts.

As publisher, it was an exhilarating proposition to bring the CFPDP story and the accounts of more than 100 influential individuals and diversity-minded organizations together as an anthology of excellence for Canada's disability community, and perhaps beyond.

Add to that a personal significance of being among the invited guests at the inaugural Gala in 1985 as a member of the 1984 Paralympic Team, a proud King Clancy Award recipient and a Disability Hall of Fame member. With that, this edition of Glowing Hearts was a project of passion in producing a legacy publication for CFPDP and its founder, chairman and driving force the Honourable Vim Kochhar.
-Jeff Tiessen

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"Excellence can be attained if you care more than others think is wise,

Risk more than others think is safe,

Dream more than others think is practical, and

Expect more than others think is possible."

-Cadet Maxim

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