Paralympic "Super Athletes"

They are the fighters. The odds-defiers. The never-say-nevers. Through an unshakable determination, fierce passion and sheer willpower, they have accomplished what many athletes dream of doing, but few actually can: to go beyond the norm and achieve what many thought impossible.

  • Meet cross-country skier Brian McKeever, a seven-time Paralympic gold medalist known as "The Professor."
  • Wheelchair curler Sonja Gaudet, a Paralympic gold medalist from Vancouver 2010, is "The Brain."
  • Sledge hockey national team player and Afghanistan veteran Dominic Larocque is dubbed "The Warrior."
  • And alpine skier Viviane Forest, winner of five medals at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games, is nicknamed "The Falcon.

They're the first four in a new series of distinctive, gutsy 45-second athlete vignettes now launched at and online at

 "The minute you get complacent in training is the minute you get left behind," warns McKeever, whose vignette explains how, having only peripheral vision, he memorizes every bump and turn in the race course. "It's a desire to better ourselves. It's an honour and a privilege to be able to compete at this level."
In the vignettes, every athlete is given a nickname that resonates with attitude and is based on their specific competitive profile and character.
"The vignettes show a side of these Paralympic athletes never seen before," says Henry Storgaard, CEO of the Canadian Paralympic Committee. "The imagery is full of attitude and pride and it generates an inspirational, formidable, empowering feeling."
In April 2012, the Canadian Paralympic Committee will unveil its summer sport vignettes, featuring 15 athletes who will compete at the London 2012 Paralympic Summer Games.
In addition to the vignettes, and provide the following information on every Super Athlete: Quick Facts, How He/She Does It, Training Regime, Sponsor Support, What Keeps Him/Her Going, and Getting Involved in Parasport.
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