Goalball's On the Road

Our friends at Ontario Blind Sports Association have been busy! Back from a 3-day visit to the community of Sudbury. What did they do? 3 day, 4 different school visits, 2 group presentations, 3 tv news interviews, and 1 radio interview, educating youth about Goalball. Reaching out to communities and educating them about the sport is part of an initiative to increase exposure and create new leagues. Watch the Sudbury Star's Video with Grade 5 Lively students and their introduction to the sport.

Goalball Facts

It was invented in 1946 to help rehabilitate World War Two vets who suffered visual impairments.

Kyle Pelly, Executive Director of the Ontario Blind Sports Association says Goalball is played with 3 players and a ball the size of a basketball with bells inside.

Every player wears eye-shades so they have to rely on their hearing and sense of touch.

Both sighted and visually-impaired people can play the game together. Now THAT'S INCLUSION!

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